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10 Free and Easy Website Builders For Writers and Authors

As you start your freelance writing journey, you should be ready with awesome writing credentials and killer sample works. Will the client demand to see the latter even if you have a strong writing background? Oh, better expect that they will. However, don’t only settle by providing links or attachments of your work. Instead, present them with a professional writing portfolio website where you can showcase your writing skills. This is where a website builder comes in handy. No coding knowledge? No problem! Thanks to website builders you don’t need to get a degree in web development or hire a […]

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10 Steps on How to Make a Website from Scratch for Beginners

If you want to be a blogger or start a freelance writing business, you need to have your own blog or website. There are two ways to accomplish this: hosted or self-hosted blogging platform. This was my first predicament before I put up this website. Although there are many blog platforms out there, I have to pick one that suits my preferences. What is the difference between hosted and self-hosted blogging platforms? More importantly, which one is the best?

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7 Common Mistakes of First-Time Freelance Writers

It really annoys me when I read headlines like: “How to Make Your First $$$ as a Freelance Writer in an Instant.” Or “How I Earned $$$ Thru Freelance Writing in Just a Week/Month.” I hate to crush your hopes and dreams but I need to tell you the truth. Earning your first dollar (or even a cent) thru freelance writing is not an overnight success. More importantly, it is natural for a first-time freelance writer to make mistakes.

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Starting a Freelance Writing Business Without a Website? Oh no!

How did I start my freelance writing business? I jumped right into it with absolutely nothing. No personal website to show my clients. No social media accounts to promote myself and my work online. In short, I have no online presence at all. I discovered that even you have years of professional experience as a writer, it isn’t enough to land you a gig or a job because no one knows you online.

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5 Simple Website Design Tips That Will Make You Look Like a Pro

Thank goodness for the website design tips below because I really have no idea how to put up a website like this. In fact, it is a miracle that I was able to launch this website. If you are going to ask me about color combinations or color scheme my prompt answer is anything blue. What font style should be used? Uh… anything that is readable? How can you create a circle in Photoshop? Just look around, I have faith in you. These are the problems I have encountered while I am prepping up this website.

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